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What is Torrent? How to Create, Upload, Download Torrents Complete Guide

Posted by: u/sizzlingkenny  9 months ago c/Torrents 5,435

What is Torrent?

Torrent is a (P2P) peer-2-peer system, means a person can download torrent data which is hosted on another PC anywhere in the world directly using encrypted secure connection using torrent tracker which play a role of gateway between one person's PC to another's.

How to Create Torrent File?

If you want to send your large data files to some one so creating torrent is your best choice because it does not put extra load on your PC while transferring data to other people.

To create a torrent file you need a BitTorrent Clilent such as uTorrent, bitTorrent, vuze, deluge

Following screenshots will guide you that how to create torrent files using utorrent client.

Step.1 - Download utorrent client and install on your PC / Desktop and then open utorrent and follow the screenshots below.

Step.2 - Click on Add Directory and browse the directory which contains the files and data that you want to send online or you want others to download that data from your PC.

Step.3 - Then you need to add trackers which connects your PC's data over encrypted secure connection for sending data to others.

You can get best working trackers list Here open that link and copy trackers and paste in your torrent as showing above in the screenshot.

Do not add more than 20 Trackers, because adding large number of trackers would slower your torrent over transferring data.

Step.4 - Now the last step is to add torrent to your bittorrent client as showing in screenshot below.

Above screenshot shows the file you have created is now on seeding mode for others to download that data over torrent file the one you have just created.

Once you done above steps you will be asked to save .torrent file in your PC, well that's the file you have to share with your friends and others to let others know that what file / data you are going to share online.

How to Upload Torrent File Online?

After creating your .torrent file now you need to upload that .torrent file which holding your meta-data information and the trackers list you have added while creating torrent file.

Now you need good and popular torrent sharing websites to upload your .torrent file and let the world to know that what you are offering them to download from you.

Here's the website where you can upload your .torrent file, the website called "Torrentz2k"

Above screenshot shows the link where you have to register and login first then you have to upload your torrent in your "Torrentz2k" website's account.

How to Download Torrents?

To download torrents you need the bitTorrent clients uTorrent, bitTorrent, vuze, deluge

You can choose any of them I personally like uTorrent to download torrents.

Alert: Before you go to torrent websites to download movie, games, music, tv series, applications, videos etc.

I would like to warn you that you may be put yourself in a trouble with legal issues by your Govt. or ISP (Internet Service Provider) because if your torrenting activity is being tracked you will be arrested so you must use best VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass this restriction.

There's many Free VPN available over the internet you can just google it with the free or best VPN for torrent downloads.

List of reliable and trustworthy torrent sites to download torrents from.

1. Torrentz2k

2. 13377x

3. LimeTorrents

4. ExtraTorrents

5. Torrentz2

If you need any help so please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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