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Torrentz2k - A New Face of Torrentz2 Search Engine

Posted by: u/sizzlingkenny  11 months ago c/Torrents 4,788

Torrentz2k Official is the future of torrenting in year 2020, this big shark torrent download website is becoming a brand by torrentz2 fans from all over the world.

Torrentz2k is the futuristic and 100% secure torrent download website, the amazing thing its magical one page layout which creates a mystery for torrent downloading users that how this website operating and becoming more popular day by day every one can check the age and Alexa Rank is now reached upto 80K within just 2 to 3 weeks.

One day suddenly all big torrent website links was disappeared from google search engine while I was surfing the webs, such as 1337x, thepiratebay, rarbg, yts, torrentz2 and so on.

Later I noticed that google has created a new tool which detects all the torrent sites with affected links or DMCA complaints will be removed from google search results, the torrent sites and their links was vanished from search and this impact stayed for 2 hours because google was testing this new tool on affected torrent websites.

However google has not officially announced such tool until now, but I have strong feeling about this tool will take place one day and the only torrent sites would survive who never get the DMCA complaints and after checking this Torrentz2 k version I decided to inform people only this type of websites will survive in the future who does not have any bad reputation no copyright complaints Torrentz 2k not even showing whois record, can you believe that?

This what we all need a decent and fully functional torrent website where people can download and upload their torrents for the rest of the life.

Torrentz2k is launched in English, Italian, French, Hindi, Japanese Animation aka Nyaa until now, but I heard torrentz2k official team is going to launch more language versions soon, isn't it great every torrent under 1 site.

Keep supporting "Torrentz2k Official" because that's the future of torrent world.

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new37 . 11 months ago

superb post..I guess "Torrentz2k Official" is the continued version of torrentz.eu with the same team, I have noticed many common things which I used to see in former torrentz.eu.
I think "Flippy" who was founder of torrentz meta search engine is hiding his presence and decided to stay hidden.But overall the site torrentz2 with letter "K" is going to hit the sky within some weeks or months because Its indexing more than "230 million" active torrents which is huge number of torrents.Lets see what will happen in coming time but we do support to Torrentz 2k Official

sizzlingkenny . 11 months ago

really? how do you know "Torrentz2k Official" is operating by Flippy?and after reading your detailed comment I assume you know Flippy very well

new37 . 11 months ago

Nope i dont know flippy but i was a hardcore fan of torrentz.eu

suman123 . 11 months ago

all love for torrentz2k from India - long live torrentz2 k version

sizzlingkenny . 11 months ago

you are funny @new37 and thank you for your love and support @suman123 

itaguy . 11 months ago

all love from Italy on behalf of Italian people to torrentz2k official torrentz2 website

random11 . 11 months ago

big up from United Kingdom..and thanks for sharing such an amazing article with lots of detailed info @sizzlingkenny

sizzlingkenny . 11 months ago

my pleasure @random11

norman . 11 months ago

this is pretty decent with beautiful black and greenish theme i specially like the multiple downloading feature with magnet links and .torrent files and top of all the tracker updating function is super cool
thanks and full support from Germany and German people

YAHIYA . 10 months ago


sizzlingkenny . 10 months ago

Hello @YAHIYA how can I help you with?

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