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Seeds - order from most to least

Posted by: u/Thick  9 months ago c/Torrents 253
How can one order the torrents listed by the number of seeds? As of now I have to go through many many pages of torrents just to find any that have seeds. It's important, of course, if you are hoping to download a torrent but there is no one seeding that torrent so you cannot download it. I would like to find the torrents in a particular topical area, such as XXX, to prioritize the torrents based on the number of seeds. Thanks for any suggestion on how to go about doing this. Thick. 

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Thick . 9 months ago

I didn't spam anything. I was just asking about seeds. 

sizzlingkenny . 9 months ago

It wasn't for you @Thick and which website you are talking about?Its better your comment under the related post, so i could better understand and try to help you, and also all the sites have enabled the seed order function recently.

Thick . 9 months ago

Ok thanksThe website address I am using is this: https://piratebay3.xyz/

sizzlingkenny . 9 months ago

its better you should use https://thepiratebay7.xyz/ instead, it does have the seed and other features.

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