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ExtraTorrent is BACK as an ExtraTorrents 2019 - Extra Torrent Proxy Mirror Alternatives

Posted by: u/sizzlingkenny  11 months ago c/Torrents 4,390

ExtraTorrent was shut down lately without leaving a clue to its users and left ET lovers in the darkness for life.

Then Extratorrents mirror and proxy took place most of them were just a rip version of extatorrent.cc but still people look for extratorrent website over the google search and they find mostly creepy and imposter's websites links who pretend to be real extratorrent alternatives but in real all are just fake with advertisement download links to send users to the ad network to make money and innocent ET regular users never understand that what's going on.


Now the question is "ExtraTorrent" dead?

The answer is "YES" its dead a long time back.

Now the second question is "ExtraTorrents" still be accessible via proxy or mirror or an alternative?

The answer is "YES" but only alternative because mirror and proxy only works when real site is alive which isn't.

so use only real alternative is the "ExtraTorrents 2019" site gives you valid torrents with .torrent files and with magnet links using advanced torrent trackers adding and removing system or mechanism.

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advin . 11 months ago

thanks for sharing its really good alternative to extratorrents better than proxy or mirrors

sizzlingkenny . 11 months ago

extratorrents2019 is a real alternative you can see the growth and its getting extreme users day by day, this ET 2019 version got high alexa rank in "Pakistan" and "India" and linked with multiple downloading options and domains.

norman . 11 months ago

why all download links going to "Torrentz2k" ? but no worries everything working fine, i don't know the purpose of this download link redirects but torrent links working fine and thanks for good share.

sizzlingkenny . 11 months ago

@norman all links going to "Torrentz2k Official" because that's the mother domain of extratorrents2019.site means this extatorrent version is powered by Torrentz2k Team.

norman . 11 months ago

ahh ok fair enough, sounds cool

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