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13377x Alternative to 1337x.to 2019 WORKING DOMAIN

Posted by: u/sizzlingkenny  1 month ago c/Torrents 5,402

1. 13377x is a successful alternative to 1337x.to, it got a high rank specially in India.



2. 1337xto is a new alternatives to 1337xto domain link with secure features.

There are many fake 1337x mirrors and proxies over the internet and they got big attentions from users but be careful these links will lead you to malware and crash your pc / laptop / phones trust only the real alternative of 1337x.to which gives you secure torrent downloading experience why because 13377x comes with the multiple downloading options.


The top most HashtoMagnet.xyz which gives you updated and working magnet links within a seconds and the other option of Hash to Magnet gives you current seeds and leech which connected with your torrent info hash.


You guys must be thinking why all this long process for just to download a torrent. Let me tell you why, its because hashtomagnet removes the dead trackers and adds the fast working trackers to your torrents to give your torrent a maximum speed.


Total Posted Comments (11)

sizzlingkenny . 1 month ago

welcome to all users from 13377x site post your suggestions and problems and we will try to resolve the issues you are facing

norman . 1 month ago

thank you so much admin i really love 13377x.site I always download hd movies.

advin . 1 month ago

thnx for sharing

suman123 . 1 month ago

please help me download torrents from 1337x i am new to torrents

sizzlingkenny . 1 month ago

what kind of help you want @suman123 ?

suman123 . 1 month ago

i have downloaded torrent file but now movie playing

sizzlingkenny . 1 month ago

suman you need to download a BitTorrent client "utorrent".then open .torrent file into your utorrent client and let your movie downloaded first then you can play movie.hope you understand now.

suman123 . 1 month ago

ahhh OMG its downloading now, thank you sooo much sir.

sizzlingkenny . 1 month ago

good luck suman

suman123 . 1 month ago

thanks once again

new37 . 4 weeks ago

best of the best 13377x is the best

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